Jam Coding is a provider of quality computing provision for children, parents, and schools in the UK.  Founded in 2014 by teacher and coder, Roger Grogan, we have been providing schools with innovative computing workshops over the last 5 years.

Today, we are the North West’s number 1 computer coding provider for children,


We run computing workshops

From programming a robot, to creating a stop motion film or building their own website, the children that attend our courses have the opportunity to explore how they can use IT with their peers in incredibly positive and creative ways.

Whether proficient or a novice, it doesn’t matter; our clubs are structured to be fully inclusive for anyone that attends.

We help children stay safe online.  

E-Safety is a growing concern for the government. Schools, Colleges and Community Groups have a huge responsibility in helping young people stay safe online. Our eSafety workshops were designed in conjunction with O2 and offer a 360 degree approach to eSafety.

These workshops have had a huge uptake and are another example of continual product development that allows Jam Coding to have a positive impact on the communities that they work.

We teach our core values :

Create, Collaborate and Communicate with Confidence.

We foster these values in our kids during our fun, interactive workshops. Our Four Cs represent fundamental life skills and attitudes and abilities for innovation. The “Four Cs” strengthen our learners’ ability to find their place – academically, personally, socially – in today’s fast-changing world.


Jam Coding sees good computing knowledge and proficiency as a life-skill. 

Technology is advancing at an incredible rate, and we’re just getting started. Jam Coding believes that there’s never been a more exciting time to advance our culture – starting with our youngest ones.

Unfortunately, there is currently a huge disparity across schools in the level of confidence that children have on computers.

The current delivery of Computing education in many UK schools is highly unsatisfactory… many pupils are not inspired by what they are taught and gain nothing beyond basic digital literacy skills such as how to use a word-processor or a database”        

– The Royal Society, 2017

Every kid deserves the chance to unlock their innate, unlimited capacity to learn. Whether or not they pursue coding as a career, we want to provide kids with skills that will help them pursue their dreams.


Our network of Jam Coding coaches, variety of different computing resources and multiple workshop opportunities allow us to deliver in excess of 100 sessions per month to 10,000’s of coders.

We run after-school coding and e-safety workshops as well as Computing curriculum cover in a number of primary schools based in the North West, Lancashire.

Each young person that experiences our workshops receives the highest quality code-coaching, resources, and instruction available.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Want to get involved? We’d love to hear from you.

Call: 07590 062702

Email: info@jamthinking.co.uk